World of Windows

Most homeowners typically think remodels when it comes to home improvements. Kitchens, Covers, and Baths, OH MY! That’s the fun stuff, right? Yes, however, there is one service that gets “looked through” time and again and can be just as much fun. Windows! Windows have so many benefits and can increase the curb appeal of […] Read More »

September 2019!

Wowwee! September 2019 has been one for the books! Structure Builders loves all things remodeling! It’s a chance to let our homeowners, and our installers get those creative vibes flowing! It’s a chance to show the South Texas what we are made of and how we can help them. This is why we attend the […] Read More »

Tips on Selecting the Right Contractor

Rumor has it that all contractors are bad! This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are some who are up to no good but, there are also many companies who genuinely love the home improvement business and want to help you achieve your remodeling dreams. But how can you tell the two apart? Follow […] Read More »

Beat Texas Heat and Harsh Winters!

Texas is known for its extreme heat, humidity, and harsh winters. When your home is not protected correctly the outdoors typically transfers into the home causing unnecessary expenses . Here some helpful tips to keep your home and wallet happy. If you aren’t using a smart thermostat, get one. You can monitor your Unit from […] Read More »

Tips before starting a Remodeling Project.

Looking to do a major remodel? Here are some tips to get started in the right direction. 1. Determine your pre-existing issues….. Examples:(is there enough counter space, cabinet space, walking space?) 2. What style are you looking for? Pinterest some pictures. Create a style board that will help put your ideas into reality. 3. Include […] Read More »

Hello world!

     Hi there and thank you for choosing Structure Builders for all your remodeling needs! We are excited to start blogging! We will be providing weekly updates on all types of Remodeling projects, tips, and tricks.    We hope we can help you with your next remodeling project. A big thank you from our […] Read More »

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